If luck isn’t on your side, we’ve got you covered. This page tells you all about the insurance coverage that’s available from XXX. It’s just one of the free benefits of the Circle K EXTRA Mastercard.  

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Deductible coverage for rental cars 

The insurance covers the deductible you have to pay in the event of a qualifying comprehensive damage to a rental car outside of Denmark.

The insurance covers up to 20,000 DKK per incident, with a maximum of 40,000 DKK per year.

Remember to qualify for the insurance you need to pay for the rental car with your Circle K EXTRA Mastercard.

Please refer to the complete terms and conditions in the insurance policy.


Flight compensation

If you are experiencing flight delays, overbooking, or cancellations you may be entitled to compensation.
You can receive up to 600 euros per person in compensation, but the amount can vary based on the reason for the delay, distance to the destination, and the duration of the delay.  

Terms and conditions
To be eligible for a compensation the following criteria needs to be met:

  • Departure and arrival at an EU airport
  • The airline is registered in the EU
  • The delay is caused by factors within the airline's control

In our insurance terms and conditions for flight compensation coverage you can also read which other conditions may apply.

Note: You can choose to file a flight compensation claim directly with the airline or take advantage of our coverage.

Incorrect fuel filling 

With a Circle K EXTRA Mastercard, you are insured if you are unfortunate enough to misfuel your private car at a Circle K station in Denmark, Sweden, or Norway.

The insurance covers the costs of filling up with the wrong fuel, as well as any transportation expenses to and from the workshop by taxi or public transport. The insurance covers your expenses up to 5,000 DKK per misfueling.

Please note that the refueling must be paid for with your Circle K EXTRA Mastercard.


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