The secure, easy payment method that adds a bonus to every purchase.

Circle K EXTRA Mastercard

Meet the secure, convenient payment method that’s more than just a credit card. It’s a fuel card, a loyalty card, a discount card and a bonus card. 

The Circle K EXTRA Mastercard is for using at Circle K and anywhere else that takes Mastercard.


What are the benefits of a Circle K EXTRA Mastercard?

  • Best Fuel Savings

    Decide with you wallet

    Circle K EXTRA members already enjoy a discount of up to 20 øre per liter. But when you use your Circle K EXTRA Mastercard, you save an additional 3 øre per liter - no matter how often you use it

Gift Card
  • Bonus on Purchase

    Bonus with every purchase

    Get 0.5% bonus on transactions, with almost every purchase* you make anywhere with your Circle K EXTRA Mastercard. And get a 1% bonus when you shop with us
    "Does not apply to purchases of tobacco, games value cards, over-the-counter medicine and fuel at Circle K, or on any purchase made at ather petrof companies in Denmark, or on and cash withdrawals

  • Extra Insurance

    Safety first

    From incorrect fueling protection and rental car-deductible coverage to flight compensation, the Circle K EXTRA Mastercard comes with great EXTRA insurance, for truly warry-free travel. Just review our terms and conditions for comprehensive details and eligibility criteria.

Cash Payment
  • Secure Credit

    The Circle K EXTRA Mastercard is a secure and convenient payment method - it's a contactless card with no annual fees and interest-free payment when you pay later.

  • Zero card fees

    By choosing our Circle K EXTRA Mastercard the start and forget the upfront fees typical credit card. Additionally, you won't have to fees, allowing you to make the most of your any extra charges



How do I apply for a Circle K EXTRA Mastercard?


Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Log in, or create a new Circle K EXTRA membership account, then apply for the credit card with SEB. The first time you pay with the card at one of our stations, you’ll get a sandwich on us.

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Digital wallet payments

Digital wallets are electronic payments made from a phone or smartwatch. And Circle K EXTRA Mastercard is a credit card that can be stored digitally on mobile devices.

Digital payments are as secure as payments with a credit card – you just make them with a tap of your smart device. They’re used at any store where you’d shop with the associated card.

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EXTRA benefits

When you’re part of the Circle K EXTRA membership program, you already get a discount on fuel. But when you get the Circle K EXTRA Mastercard, you get even more off every single liter.


Meet the Circle K app

Whether for personalized benefit overviews, the location of your nearest Circle K or making mobile payments for petrol or car washes, the Circle K app is your new best friend.

More benefits of the Circle K EXTRA Mastercard


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